Artist Statement

My paintings are abstract landscapes. They are images that evoke mood, memories and emotions coming from places and events in my life that have left an imprint in my memory; mainly from my life back in my home country, Chile.

My work shows places that are a mixture of reality and imagination and contain the illusion of space and depth with multiple perspectives which I use to add mystery and interest to my work.

I use a mixed media technique using pastels and other dry media adding acrylics as overlays or/and as an under painting creating a hybrid between a painting and a drawing. My larger paintings are acrylics or mixed media on canvas with some collage added for interest and texture.

My paintings have a childlike appearance to them achieved by the use of drawings in a childlike manner, they are playful and very colourful and are born of my initial reaction to colour and shapes derived from a memory of an actual or imaginary place; I am mainly concerned with capturing the essence rather than the physical reality of the scene. Once I start painting I develop my composition intuitively to express my initial idea.

My canvases are full of visual and tactile textures with a rich and colourful palette that represents the places I used to live in and visit in my childhood. this layering of colour and material helps me conveys my inner vision and hopefully makes the viewer feel a connection with their own favorite places being an actual one or one that exist only in their imagination or memory.

About the Artist

Tania Iraheta is a visual artist and teacher and has been practicing art for about fifteen years. She has a diploma in Graphic Design from George Brown College.

In 2012 received an Arts Education Grant enabling her to teach visual arts to the Latin American Community at Casa Maiz Cultural Center.

In 2012 she received an Artist-Educator Professional Training certificate from The Royal Conservatory of Music.

In 2010 she was awarded an Access and Career Development Grant by the Ontario ArtsCouncil which allowed her to attend the Toronto School of Art but she is mainly self taught. She is the art instructor for Pinceles Latinos which is an art studio located in North York. Pinceles Latinos (Latin Brushes) offers visual arts workshops for the Latin American community as part of Casa Maiz Cultural Centre.