Tania Iraheta

Artist Statement

I am inspired to create art that embodies the feeling of living in tune with nature. I appreciate the beauty found in unusual places, objects and fleeting moments in time that are often overlooked or inadvertently passed by in the fast paced world we are living in.

I work intuitively and abstractly through a progression of layered materials; oils, wax, pigments, marble dust, sand, charcoal. By the process of adding and subtracting, abrasion, scraping and incising the surface an image evolves and reveals itself with a feeling of history and evolution. I invite the viewer to look closely at the painted surface and discover the marks, subtle gradation of colours and textures and hopefully encourage others to pay attention to the ordinary and be absorbed by the moment.

About the Artist

Tania Iraheta is a visual artist, art Instructor and Certified Artist-Educator passionate about teaching. She is the project creator and facilitator for Pinceles Latinos Art Studio Collective (Latin Brushes) www.pinceleslatinos.ca.

Pinceles Latinos is an art education project born in 2007; the collective offers visual art classes and painting workshops for the Latin American community in Toronto and is one of the many cultural initiatives that make up Casa Maiz Cultural Center, a center dedicated to support the cultural, sustainable and participatory development of the Latin American community in Toronto. Tania is also an Art Instructor working for the City of Toronto teaching visual art classes to children, adults and seniors.